"I'm just somone who wants to make a positive difference to the children of the world who have nothing."     Raad Swais

Our Founder, Raad Swais

After teaching in London for 6 years Raad (Founder) felt pupils in the UK were not appreciating there free high quality education. He wanted to show them just how lucky they were when he moved to Nairobi. As a result of this The Thunder Foundation was set up in July 2012 as a simple way of portraying the hardships which children in Kenya face on a daily basis just in order to be educated and to survive.

Raad Swais, a Physical Education teacher from Bexhill, East Sussex, founded of The Thunder Foundation in 2012 when he went to Kenya to teach at a large private school, which was located next to one of the largest slums in Nairobi. Raad was so shocked by the appalling living conditions and complete lack of opportunities for those living in the slums, that he was determined to do all he could to help them, especially the children.

At first Raad tried to help by handing out food, clothes and books but he soon realized that this provided only short term benefits. With support from family and friends both in England and Nairobi, Raad established The Thunder Foundation and began raising funds to start a small schools program for primary school aged children from the slum.

In January 2014 The Thunder Foundation opened The Mutaratara Learning Centre, their first school, in a vacant property which was provided at a peppercorn rent. It started with 22 children handpicked by Raad from two areas from the Mutaratara district of the Nairobi slums. These two areas were chosen as no other aid agencies worked there. The school offers these 22 children, free education, food and healthcare. Each of our children are individually sponsored.

Raad Swais

Raad interviewed various teachers until he found the right one best suited to the environment and the needs of the children. The children of the slums are extremely malnourished and attempting to educate them when they are hungry is rather futile. Therefore fresh food is cooked daily and The Thunder Foundation gives each child three meals a day. Children are up to date with their immunizations and have regular medical check-ups.

As well as starting a school, The Thunder Foundation fund two football coaches every evening to coach 110 Nairobi street children who have no homes. This not only gives the children something to look forward to and focus on, but it keeps them off the streets at times when they are most vulnerable, keeping them away from prostitution, drug addiction and alcoholism. The Thunder Football Academy also provides and encourages positive social interaction.

Did you know?

In Nairobi, access to healthcare, education, clean water and sanitation, is a luxury for many.

Raad Swais Founder of the Thunder Foundation
Raad Swais Founder of the Thunder Foundation

"I first came across Raad Swais when wandering around a boot sale in Pevensey. I heard him talking to someone else about schools in Kenya and the Thunder Foundation with such passion and commitment. I will be honest, these days it feels much harder to find anyone who is passionate about anything. I believe that the laissez faire approach that many people have in this country holds us back and prevents positive change. Raad’s passion and determinations is refreshing and his story shows that it is possible to achieve change." Full article

Lucette Davies | redhotchillinews.com

 ▶ A song for Raad from his friend Zorba

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