Although, many of the children are unable to yet read,
they still enjoy taking shade under the donated trampoline and looking at the pictures.

Mutaratara Learning Centre

The Mutaratara Learning Centre has been set up to provide FREE Education, Food and Health Cover to the most needy, underprivileged and vunerable children of the Daghoretti and Kikyu Districts in Nairobi, Kenya. The first of its kind in these two districts.

The centre will Follow the Kenyan 8-4-4 System (8 years of primary education / 4 years of secondary education / 4 Years of University) and will start with 1 class which will be the Pre Unit / Nursery class of 25 children between the ages of 4-6.

The centre will we hope to grow by 1 year group every year.

As an organization, we believe strongly in the balance of food, education and health. This must all be attained to ensure the students that the whole-child is developing! The local council has indicated that our school is the first of its kind to provide free education, free food, free uniforms, free books, and free health cover to its students.

The school is located in a small town called Mutaratara in the Kikuyu area. This allows us to focus on the 'forgotten children', as the bigger charities work within the other larger slums of Kenya. It's in a quiet secluded location near Dagorehtti children's home which allows visitors to interact peacefully with the children in a safe environment without any outside interference.

The children

During the months of December and January enrollment interviews were held with home visits to allow us to pick the most needy children. Many of our pupils come from single parent homes where there is very little family support. Many parents have to deal with health issues, disabilities and HIV stigmatization which decreases their chances of getting regular work.

After a rigorous teacher interview process Catherine Oote was employed to take charge of The Mutaratara Learning Centre's first class. She was joined by Belinda as an assistant and Keziah. our cook. All registration was completed and the school was opened on 27th January 2014, with its first intake of 22 pupils.

The first 'Thunder' pupils: Anne, Fawzia, Aisha Mariam, Anita, Elizabeth, Mary, Erika, Alice, Winnie, Simon, James, Allan, Manasseh, Brian, John Mburu, Josphat, Derrick, John Mwende, Chrisances, Rufus, Emmanuel and Shadrack.

Although a free school, we maintain very high academic and learning standards. We also provide a range of opportunities to enhance the children's learning and future ambitions, like going on school trips and visiting / hosting international private schools where are pupils can interact with their students.

The future plans

The school's aim for the future is to move to a bigger site where we can open a full primary school and eventually even a secondary school.

The Thunder Foundation can then, not only, roll out their program of free education, food and healthcare to many more needy and vulnerable children but also take them right through their whole education and childhood, helping them to learn, grow and succeed.

So please Help and support The Thunder Foundation in whatever way you can.

Did you know?

Education in Kenya is fairly expensive and is a luxury to most families, many of whom live below the universal poverty line of 77p a day.

The Journey

  • Once the idea was born in August 2013 to use education to offer these children a chance in life, work quickly began on locating a space.
  • A plot with an empty school was found in Mutaratara, a small town in the Kikuyu, Nairobi.
  • Work began in December 2013, although structurally sound the building needed much work to turn it into an inviting learning area.
  • Work completed by end January. School had two good-sized classrooms (an academic room and art/dining room), small kitchen and both a male and female toilet and shower.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

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