The Thunder Foundation aim to unite all children in one school, whatever their ability, disabled or not
and from all religious and trbal backgrounds.

Thirime Special Needs Unit

Thirime special needs unit is located in a small village called Thogotto and is attached to Thirime mainstream primary school, the stigmatisation surrounding disability in Kenya is still rife and due to this we feel that this project is important as it allows both sets of children to grow up together hopefully eliminating these poor attitudes.

We have started a free breakfast program at the unit and have started renovation work such as connecting electricity, water and redecorating the unit. This will attract more special needs children from the local area which is vital as if they do not attend they will be left at home with no help or support.

So please Help and support The Thunder Foundation in whatever way you can.

Did you know?

Children with special needs are often locked away at home due to public shame.

Our Aims for Special Needs

  • Remove the shame and stigmatism associated with Special Needs Children.
  • Increase awareness, educate and support families.
  • Offer these children an education in an environment that allows then to thrive.
  • Complete healthcare and nutrition.
  • Provide equipment, wheelchairs etc.
  • Give ALL children a chance to learn, grow and see a brighter future.

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